Graduate Course Descriptions

NEU 800 - Neuroscience Research Forum
Readings, presentations, and discussions of research literature in neuroscience. Professional development

NEU 804 - Molecular and Developmental Neurobiology
Nervous system specific gene transcription and translation. Maturation, degeneration, plasticity, and repair in the nervous system

NEU 807 - Strategies in Neuroscience Research - Syllabus
Methods and underlying principles of neuroscience research

NEU 811 - Advanced Behavioral Neuroscience - Syllabus
Biological mechanisms involved in learning and memory, motivated behaviors, biological rhythms, and psychopathologies

NEU 820 - Advanced Neuroanatomy
Current topics in anatomy and physiology processes of central nervous system cells

NEU 827 - Physiology and Pharmacology of Excitable Cells
Function of neurons and muscle at the cellular level: membrane biophysics and potentials, synaptic transmission, sensory nervous system function

NEU 839 - Systems Neuroscience
Anatomy, pharmacology, and physiology of multicellular neural systems. Sensory, motor, autonomic, and chemo-regulatory systems in vertebrate brains

NEU 885 - Vertebrate Neural Systems
Comparative analysis of major component systems of vertebrate brains. Evolution, ontogeny, structure, and function in fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals

NEU 992 - Advanced Topics in Neuroscience
Readings, presentations and discussion of specialized topics in neuroscience