Graduate Student Financial Support

Program Support

All Neuroscience Program graduate students in good standing are fully supported during their tenure at MSU from one or a combination of sources. In general, Neuroscience Program graduate students receive a graduate assistantship stipend from the Neuroscience Program during their first two years or are appointed to a fellowship for two years to the Neuroscience Program Training Grant. The stipend for students entering in 2015 is approximately $26,000. In addition, all graduate assistants and fellows receive a full tuition waiver each semester (up to nine credits in Fall and Spring semesters; up to five in summer semester), waiver of matriculation fees, and paid health insurance.

Additional NSP Financial Support

  • NSP Road Fellowship - Eligible to first year rotation students to help defray travel cost between MSU and Grand Rapids
  • Teaching Assistantship - Aimed primarily at third and fourth year students, the Neuroscience Program has teaching assistantships available to students interested in conducting a semester's worth of teaching. The TA will spend 20 hours per week on teaching activities, and will receive the same stiped as a research assistant. TAs will be members of the Graduate Employees Union at MSU (GEU Contract). Interested students should contact the Program Director.

MSU Scholarships and Aid

The files of exceptional applicants will be forwarded by the Neuroscience Program Director to the Dean of the College of Natural Science as nominees for a College of Natural Science Doctoral Recruiting Fellowship or a University Distinguished Fellowship and University Enrichment Fellowship.

Additional MSU Financial Support

External Fellowships

Neuroscience Program Graduate Students are highly encouraged to apply for external funding.