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General Information


Students rotating and/or working in Grand Rapids will be required to attend some classes in East Lansing in person. However, other courses and seminars can be attended in Grand Rapids via video conferencing, decreasing the commuting requirements of the student. Students are also encouraged to apply for a NSP Road Fellowship to help defray travel cost between MSU and Grand Rapids.

Translational Sciences and Molecular Medicine

Neuroscience faculty located in Grand Rapids work in the department of Translational Sciences and Molecular Medicine

Van Andel Institute

Grand Rapids faculty and students are located in the Van Andel Institute


Rentals in Grand Rapids

Transportation and Parking


  • Free parking is limited on some city streets, including a section of Ionia Ave beginning one block west of Secchia Center and extending north, up Ionia
  • Most city parking lots are free after 5PM
  • Most streets around Secchia have meters, including Division Avenue and Ionia Ave. The City of Grand Rapids web site has information about more parking options


The Rapid (Interurban Transit Partnership) is the authority that provides a variety of public transportation services for the Grand Rapids metro area and beyond.

Health Care Locations

Spectrum Primary Care Partners (SPCP)

The SPCP serves as the primary care provider and gatekeeper for medical students and their families who choose to designate SPCP as their primary care provider. All medical treatment for students and their families who designate SPCP as their primary care provider should begin with an SPCP office. Students may designate any SPCP location that is currently accepting new patients. The Gaslight Village location is the office closest to downtown. SPCP locations and hours can be found at:

As necessary and indicated, referrals for specialty treatment, labs, radiographs, and other ancillary medical services can be coordinated through SPCP.

Urgent and Emergency Care are available at all Spectrum locations.

Grand Rapids students also have ability to use any of the health facilities located on the East Lansing campus.

Olin Health Center

Olin Health Center is located at 463 East Circle Drive on the north end of campus between Berkey Hall and the Grand River parking ramp. Parking options are listed below.

Neighborhood (on campus) Clinics

Conveniently located in Brody, Holden, McDonel, and Hubbard Halls, these clinics are open to any MSU student for treatment of illness or minor injuries. For an appointment, call 517-353-4660.

Allergy and Immunization Clinic

Counseling and Psychiatry

HIV and STI Testing

Physical Therapy and Orthopedic Services

Primary Care


Women’s Health Clinic

Work-Related Illness or Injury

After Hours and Emergency Care

Restaurants Near Van Andel





Balk Cafe

Fireside Grill

Prisms Cafeteria

Mehney Terrace Bistro

Waterfall Cafe

Spectrum Heath Farmer's Market

Local Links

City of Grand Rapids

Experience Grand Rapids

The Rapid Bus Service



Federik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park

Grand Rapids Art Museum

Grand Rapids Children Museum

Grand Rapids Public Museum

John Ball Zoo

Urban Institute for Comtemporary Art

Grand Rapids Griffens

West Michigan Whitecaps